How do private jet charter costs compare to that of commercial airline flights?

It is true that private jet charter costs more than flying commercial. However, when you take into consideration a few other additional costs that come with flying commercial airlines, such as hotel costs, parking, and the amount of time that you will end up spending while waiting o security lines you’ll see that it isn’t really as reasonable as you might actually expect. When you fly by private air charter, you will be saving yourself a lot of time as you will routinely fly closer to your intended destination. The implication of this is that the high costs of hotel accommodations and overnight stays become eliminate. Also, you have the ability to eliminate the log security lines, any additional delays, and congested traffic that you’ll usually experience when trying to get in and lot of airports.

How does private air charter weigh against fractional jet ownership?

At Sky Diamond Jets, we provide you with complete freedom. You fly whenever and wherever you want. Also, there are no fractional costs of jet acquisition, monthly maintenance fees, and long term contracts. You have full flexibility and you can exercise it while choosing the right private jet for each flight. This is a huge advantage as fractional jet ownership doesn’t offer you freedom to pick and choose your preferred aircraft. Every owner’s air travel has to be planned and strictly coordinated with the number of hours purchased at the beginning of the contract fractional ownership locks you to a single aircraft, thereby eliminating your freedom to choose the aircraft that you want to fly with.

What payment options are acceptable at Sky Diamond Jets?

We accept various forms of payment, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, signed checks and wire transfers.

How far in advance do I need to call to reserve a charter at Sky Diamond Jets?

It is always better for you to call as soon as possible however, barring any anomalies, Sky Diamond Jets should be routinely able to book a private jet charter within a few hours. You should also know that this last minute option depends to a large degree on the availability of crew members and aircrafts.

Am I free to bring my pet along with me?

Definitely! You are more than free to bring your pet on any of our flights. However, before the travel time, we recommend that you state to our flight crew that you will be bringing a pet along. State the pet to them, so that they will be able to accommodate you on a more pet-friendly aircraft and to eliminate any delays that could occur from inadequate information and reparation. We will also recommend that your pet is restrained during takeoff, landing, and any turbulence hat ay be experience mid-flight. This s to ensure the safety and well-being of the pet.

Do you include flight attendants in your service?

On your request, we can make flight attendants available.

In what way can my flight be affected by bad weather?

We make sure to regularly check the weather at the locations where you depart and expect to arrive  at so as to ensure that your flight is as smooth and safe as possible. We can also help make changes to ground transportation, hotel accommodations, and other aspects in the event that the safe operation of your aircraft is affected by inclement weather and your flight is diverted.

Can you take care special transportation needs?

We can cater to a vast majority of special requests, including cargo movements and special medical transportation requests.