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Winter Riverfront Resort

This winter, treat yourself to a wonderful experience at the Westin Riverfront Resort and Spa, Beaver Creek. Amazing privileges await you here, and you can be sure of an experience of a lifetime. Immerse yourself in a wide array of winter games such as tubing, ice skating, and sleigh rides. Seclude n nearby extraordinary places and enjoy enchanting family programs. Witness the beautiful fireworks that go up every Tuesday and take a dive in the warm and cozy swimming pools. All of these are just a fight, and you have the opportunity to experience the most outstanding adventure where you can achieve just about anything. You deserve a trip with a highly sophisticated staff and state of the art services, don’t you think?

The Gritti Palace

Can you feel the press of the cool breeze on your cheeks? Immerse yourself and get refreshed by the splash of cool water as you move through the heart of Venice. Explore the beautiful and romantic city and enjoy an adrenaline rush of adventure as you see the whole of Venice through the Gritti Palace; the most charming and romantic place on the face of the Earth. Treat yourself to a heartwarming view of the Grand Canal alongside Santa Maria under the beautiful sunlight. The Gritti Palace is an excellent place for you to make some memories also with your loved ones.


Have a taste of majestic grandeur and attractive architecture at the Mardan Palace Hotel; one of the most luxurious and stunning hotels in the world. The hotel is a testament to some of the most wonderful architecture that has been known in this generation, as it features jaw-dropping suites, an amazing use of Italian marble, a monumental aquarium, 17 bars, 10 dining areas, a lavish spa and the largest swimming pool in the entire Mediterranean. If you have any comfort or stylish needs, you can rest assured that this hotel is capable of meeting them. The interior is coated with gold leaf and crystal, and the services here are just as aesthetic as they are effective.